I Want to Use All Natural Makeup

There are times when I have such a conflict with the things that I do. I love to shop and buy mostly clothes, shoes and makeup. I work in front of the public every day, so I have to look my very best. Sometimes though, it is not easy making the best choice for not only me but for the environment too. Well, it used to be that way, but ever since I discovered Waterlilies and Company, I have not been having such a hard time with this aspect of being a shopaholic.

Buying clothes and shoes is easy for me, because I have my favorite brands who support environmental causes just as I do. I know that when I am buying their apparel and accessories, that I am actually helping the planet rather than contributing to its harm. My makeup was a different story though until I discovered Waterlilies. I had tried other all natural makeup products before, but I was not happy with how they looked on me. They just were not quality products in my opinion. Waterlilies and Company offers quite the opposite experience. I was able to get non toxic makeup made of all natural ingredients that look amazing on me.

I am talking about mascara, cheek color, eye pencils, concealer, lipsticks and lip glosses, and so much more. I started out with just mascara because I was not willing to make a full commitment to the product line without trying at least one thing on its own. I ordered the black mascara, and I was so surprised to see that it lasted all day. That was not even the best part of it either. It added volume to my lashes, and it also made them seem longer while still looking natural. I wont buy any other kind of makeup now that I use everything I need from Waterlilies.